Mississinewa High School

Indian News

Call a powwow… beat the drums…we’ve got some news to share! Here you’ll find everything of note going on at Mississinewa: upcoming events, awards, special notifications, even fun articles. So mark this page and check back often to hear the voice in Indian territory!

New Athletic Apparel

We have new athletic apparel! Check out the website and view all the new styles! Get something new for our upcoming sporting events!

New Courses Offered

Mississinewa High School is now offering new courses. We continue to strive to provide the best education for our students. We want all our students to learn and be successful. To ensure our students are receiving the best education possible, we continue to add to and change our curriculum. Please read over the April Newsletter for a list of all the new courses we are offering. 

Monthly Podcast

Did you know we have a monthly podcast? Each podcast lasts between 20-25 minutes. There is a variety of educational topics that we discuss. Join us as we focus on subjects of interest to parents, students, and community members! See all the podcasts online or on the corporation website. 

Spring Break

Spring break is on Friday, March 23 through Monday, April 2. We will return to school on Tuesday, April 3. Have a safe and relaxing break!