Mississinewa High School

Co-Curricular Activities

True education is much more than what you learn in school. It extends beyond the mere acquisition of knowledge to the use of knowledge and even more importantly, to the understanding of how to gain knowledge. To that end, we at Mississinewa High want to encourage the development of true education by providing opportunities for each of our students to use the knowledge they’ve already receive, and practice gleaning information on their own to use for problem solving and critical thinking. Adding co-curricular activities to our available programs has provided authentic learning experiences that allow our students to explore a wider range of interests than might be available through our regular curriculum. Some of our activities include:

Smoke Signal Newspaper

Love to write? Interested in journalism or advertising? Have great ideas for cutting-edge graphics? Then you should check out the Smoke Signal. Our high school newspaper staff is open to students who have successfully passed a one-semester journalism course or have obtained instructor permission. Members are responsible for every aspect of producing a newspaper, including advertisements, interviewing, writing stories, designing pages, and taking photographs (some afterhours time is required). Our regular issues are 8-page layouts delivered during 4th period classes.