Mississinewa High School

Our School

At Mississinewa High School, we want to give all our students the opportunity for academic and personal success. Knowing that success comes in different areas for all children, but believing that all children can reach for excellence, we offer a comprehensive curriculum that aligns with state standards and is designed to encourage our students to find their achievement niche. Whether our students are planning to attend college, receive technical trade training, or enter the workforce, the staff at Mississinewa High is dedicated to helping them attain those goals. By promoting a strong educational foundation and critical thinking skills, our students will be prepared to thrive in the world beyond high school.Sidebar Title

Core 40 and Academic Honors Diplomas

As part of the statewide initiative to graduate students who are prepared for secondary education, technical career advancement, and a competitive workforce, we offer courses toward Core 40 and Academic Honors diplomas to all our Mississinewa students. Core 40 emphasizes a rigorous yet balanced sequence of core subject courses and includes electives in the fine arts, career and technical training, and languages. While at Mississinewa, students may opt to complete an Academic Honors certificate, which requires a GPA of 3.0 and additional math, language, and fine arts courses.

Take a peek at some of the other special programs our school offers:

Advanced Placement and Dual Credit Courses

Beginning in the 2012-2013 school year, Mississinewa High School is proud to be chosen one of nine schools throughout our state to participate in the AP-TIN-IN initiative sponsored by Notre Dame. This program was created to encourage students and train teachers in advanced placement high school courses. Advanced placement courses are more rigorous core classes in English, math, and science taught in the high school, by high school teachers, with an option to “test-out” of their corresponding undergraduate college courses at the end of the semester.

At Mississinewa we also offer some dual credit courses that students take for both high school and college credit. These courses usually have a fee involved, but most students find it considerably less expensive than waiting to take the class for college credit only.

Exceptional Education

We believe every student can succeed! Our high school is very proactive for our exceptional students and fosters success with an inclusion program and guided study hall. Much of our success is due to our solid stance that all invested parties understand individual IEP goals. Students and teachers take opportunities to work together on appropriate modifications and adaptations available for use in and out of the classroom. During study hall, students also create a portfolio of resources for their use throughout the year. By working with each student to properly manage time, stay organized, study for tests, conduct research, and appropriately manage conflicts, we are preparing them for life beyond our walls.

Business Education

Our state-of-the-art business program offers students the opportunity to learn fundamental marketing, business, and computer skills that can prepare them for college and the workforce. They can take classes in:

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Marketing
  • Computer Applications
  • Web Design

Fine Arts and Performing Arts

We have an excellent fine arts department at Mississinewa, with highly qualified teachers who still actively pursue personal and commercial performance! Not only do fine arts tap into additional student talents and abilities giving them another avenue of success, but they enhance academic skills as well.

Our Music Department offers classes in:

  • Music Appreciation and Theory
  • Vocal Performance and Choreography
  • Composition
  • Instrument Performance

Our Art Department offers:

  • Art History and Appreciation 
  • Ceramics
  • Drawing and Painting
  • Jewelry Design and Fabrication
  • Photography
  • Dyeing, Stitchery, and Fibers

Our Performing Arts Department also includes:

  • Theatre and Speech

Practical Arts

Our Practical Arts Department at Mississinewa consists of technology education and shop. Its focus is on human endeavors creating and using tools, techniques, resources, and systems to manage their environments. Students with technological knowledge understand how the human-built world is designed and how people can use technology to extend their potential. Classes include:

  • Woodworking and Manufacturing
  • Energy and Fuel Development
  • Communication Systems
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Metalworking

ICE Program

ICE is our school-to-work program at Mississinewa. ICE (Interdisciplinary Cooperative Education) allows students to attend regular classroom instruction for part of their day, then report to the workplace and receive “on- the-job training” that relates to their future goals. Junior and senior level students who are on track for graduation, with at least a 2.0 GPA, may opt to take two semesters of ICE and get paid to go to school! Transportation is the responsibility of the student.